Library Exchange

Library Exchange

The Library Exchange is a blend of several community based/led projects.

What it includes:

Seed saving is a something that humans have done for thousands of years. We have envelopes specifically for our seed library or you can use you own. Come and swap seeds with other gardeners and share the abundance of the community.

Spice up your kitchen with our Spice Samples.

Wanting to try something new for dinner? Or how about a new yummy dessert? Check out our Recipe Exchange for community and family favorites.

The currency of school age children and an amusement for some adults, our Sticker Drawer is starting off with some fan favorites: Disney, Pokémon, book lovers, cryptid fun, and many more.

Little Free Pantries are for those who either struggle to or cannot meet every day personal needs. Currently, our Little Free Pantry is located inside, but we hope to provide an outside option in the future. Please, do not donate anything illegal, sharps (razors, etc.), chemicals or medications, or previously worn clothing. Personal care products, non-perishables, on-the-go items, and seasonal items would be preferred.

An included resource for the Seed Library, our Little Free Garden Library operates just like a Little Free Library. No check-outs necessary. Take one and/or leave one!

The Keyser-Mineral County Public Library would like to thank County United Way for providing us with a Live United grant in order to see this project through. Communities are the backbones of their libraries, and we’d like to give back to ours as much as possible.

Library Exchange brochure available at the Keyser Public Library.