Book Check Outs

Can be checked out for two weeks and can be renewed twice.
There’s a $0.10 fee for every day that a book is late.

DVD Check Outs

Can be checked out for one week and is not renewable.
There’s a $0.25 fee for every day that a DVD is late.

Interlibrary Loan System

If we don’t have an item you’re looking for, we can try finding it at other libraries and have it sent here for you.

Free Computer, Internet, and Wi-Fi Access

Resume and Application Assistance

If possible, please call ahead and make an appointment, so we can make sure someone will be available to help. Appointments will usually be made for Wednesdays, since we have extra staff on hand.

Free Notary Services

This service is available from 10am-5pm, M-F.

To guarantee immediate service, please note:

  • Anyone signing the document MUST BE PRESENT.
  • Do NOT sign beforehand.
  • You MUST bring a photo ID.
  • Call for any additional questions.

Printing and Copying

$0.20 per page
$0.10 per page for Resumes, Job Applications, Government Forms, and Schoolwork

Fax Services

Incoming: $0.50 per page
Outgoing: $2.00 for 1st page & $1.00 for each additional page
                 $0.25 per page for TOLL FREE numbers ONLY